Maryann Shirk - Good Friends Group 

The wine tasting was so much more than we expected. It was wonderful to see how the owner is preserving the past while looking to the future. After the tour, we were taken to an upstairs private room for the tasting. The wine, of course, was excellent but the food they provided was astonishing! Both in quantity and in quality. It was a great time. Our bus driver was great and told us to take as much time as we wanted.  The owner kept checking to see if we wanted more wine. It was my favorite day! I even managed to get three bottles home intact along with a bottle of their olive oil.

Mike Tomasso - Mike Tomasso Group  

Our tour director and driver, Keith, was fantastic. He was so very helpful to everyone in the group and definitely played a large role in making the trip so successful. If I were to travel again to Ireland, I'd have to have him as a director. His flexibility was crucial.

John Buettler - John Buettler Group 

The cruise was delightful. I've never been on a cruise before, so for my wife and me it was a novel experience. The excursions were very nice and several people thought that the cruise was a really great idea. Since this was an idea that originated at Culture Quest, I was sure to give CQ the credit for that.

Here is a list of groups that have traveled with Culture Quest. 

  • Medford Country Club 
  • US Lighthouse Society
  • Good Friends Group
  • Mike Tomasso Group
  • John Buettler Group