A Flexible Itinerary

Forget conventional itineraries! With Culture Quest you can get off the beaten path and travel at your own pace. Experience Europe, Latin America and beyond in your own way.

Your Private Tour Group

Why travel with the pack? At Culture Quest, we never combine different school groups, so the focus stays on you and your students.

More Visits Than Views

Viewing museums, monuments and ruins from the outside is no way to travel. Culture Quest immerses your students by including more educational visits in your program.

Flexible Free Trips Ratio

Control the cost of your travel program by selecting your own free trips to student ratio. Design your program with one free chaperon for every six, eight, ten or more paying participants.

Guaranteed Departures

Traveling in a private group means your departure date will be confirmed well in advance. No last-minute date changes with Culture Quest.

And There's More!

At Culture Quest, there are never any membership fees, adult supplements or hidden charges. Plus, count on our "Don't Worry Plan" for added security.